The Cloud Maker: Andy Davis on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Cloud Maker: Andy Davis on AJC

In Press by Andy Davis

When i was a boy I dreamed of being the "Cloud Maker". his Job was to fly across the sky planting could seeds. They would appear as rows in the sky. Like the orange trees in Ocala FL where i first noticed them next to the interstate.The rows of seeds grew and grew until they became full clouds. That's what i wanted to be... The Cloud Maker. it was a thankless job that nobody knew about but benefited from daily. because the clouds produced rain, shade, and beauty. I later learned that the cloud seed rows were only Vapor trails from jets. my dream job was dashed. Soon i became obsessed with clouds. i drew them constantly as a young artist. but oddly.. I feared them and the weather they produced. Later, at about 11 years old. It became clear to me that clouds and people had many similarities. Clouds rained, we cry. they are different shapes, we are different shapes. some are black and white and red. we people are too. Like people, some clouds go by really fast while others drift by. When a lot people get to close , it causes friction and heat. when cloud do, it produces storms and lighting and heat. we are made of water and so are clouds..... but the most important of all that to enjoy people AND clouds, you have to slow down - stop... and appreciate them.

Andy Davis

The Cloud Maker 

Andy Davis tried everything to make a living, but he didn’t find success until he followed his dreams 

By Mark Davis

The cloud maker

Andy Davis takes a short break as he helps his assistant Rachel Williams working on her first commissioned work. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

 Young Andy Davis is riding in a Mercury station wagon, one of those bulbous things from the late 1950s with the faux wood siding. Mom drives as the central Florida’s landscape slides past, alternating shades of dun and green. The sky is postcard blue.

And there!

Andy looks toward heaven, where slight, white scrawls streak across the sky. They look like faint chalk marks on an immense writing board. He doesn’t know it, because he’s only 5, but they’re trails left by high-flying jets.

Instead, the kid reaches into his limited knowledge of this world and comes up with a definitive answer.

“Look!” he yells. “The cloud maker!”

What else could it be but some celestial figure, gliding across the sky? He’s like Santa Claus, doing his work when no one is watching. Those faint trails are his tracks, proof that the cloud maker exists, and he’s been busy in that vast Florida sky.

The Cloud Maker: Andy Davis on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Andy Davis works barefoot at his studio, Andy Davis Gallery and Studio, in McDonough. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

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