Conservation and Restoration of Bronze Sculptures

  • Radio- "Before and After" split image.

    Radio- “Before and After” split image.

  • Winshape- Before and After

    Winshape- Before and After

  • Truett Cathy- Before and After.

    Truett Cathy- Before and After.

Andy Davis Intellectual Arts LLC provides the service of cleaning, waxing and refurbishing any landmarks; including but not limited to, bronze sculptures, plaques and monuments.

Sculpture owners may or may not be aware of the wear and tear that regularly occurs to sculptures.  The outdoors are harsh, and will ultimately destroy any piece of artwork not properly maintained.  Seasonal change and where the sculpture is located determine how much organic growth or weathering will occur.

Our staff has worked on restoring and cleaning various mediums of outdoor and indoor sculptures for nearly a decade.   We work with bronze, marble, granite, alabaster, sandstone, wood, and other various metals.  If you have a work of art that needs to be repaired, cleaned, or restored, then please reach out to us.  Projects can be completed at our studio in McDonough, Ga, or on site.

We have worked all accross the South East and will perform an estimate at your request.

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